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New Recon Hoodies are in!
03.03.04 (8:46 am)   [edit]
Check out the latest from the engineers of Critical M.O.S..We have red hoodies with a front center chest print of logo distessed in white, outlined in black w/ different insiginias and veterans patches. Have an old patch, send it to us we will customize your recon hoodie.

[b]Critical M.O.S. Recon Hoodie[/b]

Critical M.O.S.
1116 south ocean blvd.
Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Critical M.O.S. Wins Addy Award - in Myrtle Beach SC
02.11.04 (8:56 am)   [edit]

Critical M.O.S. wins an ADDY Award

Critical M.O.S. takes a Silver ADDY Award

for photography at the Grand Dunes Marriot.

Way to show the big boys that style still counts

for something.

Critical M.O.S. - Lyrical - Urban Clothing
02.10.04 (8:01 am)   [edit]

Lyrical T-shirts are in.

the Pic to view ordering information

Critical M.O.S. Lyrical - Urban Clothing Fashions

Critical M.O.S. Lyrical - Urban

Army M.O.S. Links
02.09.04 (1:12 pm)   [edit]
A job in the Army is
called a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Want to
be a linguist? An intelligence analyst? Active-duty
Soldiers may

choose from more than 200 jobs

while Army Reserve Soldiers have

close to 180 available
. source:

Here is a
list of Army Branches and the M.O.S.'s available.


02.09.04 (1:08 pm)   [edit]
In April 1969 at Fort Eustis, VA. while in AIT
for Helicopter repair school (67Y20) I was called
into the company commanders office. During this
visit he informed me that he had good news and
bad news for me. The good news was that I had
been accepted into a school for which I had
applied during AIT. The bad news was that I had
received my orders for Vietnam and could not
attend the school until my tour had been
completed. That tour lasted from
May 1969 to August 1971, assigned to F Troop 8th Cav.
Americal Division, I Corp My commander told me I had a
"CRITICAL M.O.S."-Critical Military Occupational Specialty.
That conversation never left my thoughts over the years.
Critical M.O.S., the company, grew out of that encounter
over 30 years ago. While in it's early stages of
development the company’s major premise is to honor
not only those who fought and died for their country
in Vietnam and other wars but for all veterans who
have sacrificed in so many ways to keep our nation free.
Thank you for your support!

Sgt. Gary Fenderbosch
F Troop 8th Cav.
1969-1971 :wink:


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